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Sign up your student for a fun, interactive  STEM-based learning experience this summer!

CABPES is excited to announce our first ever online Junior Engineers Tomorrow's Scientists (JETS) program launching this summer on June 15!

Students in 5th-12th grades are eligible to participate.

Classes will be offered through our online learning management system (LMS)  and run from June 15-July 24.

Students can choose from these courses:

Automation Engineering Class

An overview of Automation Engineering, the industries that benefit from automated processes, the businesses that develop the systems, and the technology used to innovate.

Aerospace Engineering Class

The Aerospace Engineering course will focus on the fundamentals of space flight, aircraft design, and operations. A top-level review of the current state of the Aerospace industry will be addressed, and students will learn about the various opportunities available. Students will also have a chance to learn about what is required to develop and execute a space mission. There will be discussions and projects outlining how Aerospace Engineering is integral in other industries.

Biomedical Science Class

The study of bio-medicine is a pathway into a variety of medical, health, research, scientific, environmental, and economic issues facing humanity. This course will provide students with an introductory understanding of bio-medicine. Emphasis is on definition, history of bio-medicine, overview of viruses, main areas of research, ethics and case studies.

Civil Engineering/Construction Class

The Civil Engineering class will teach the students about transportation engineering design and construction. Students will learn how to protect the environment that we live in while designing and constructing a first-class transportation system for their city. The civil engineering structures the students will learn about include roadways, light-rails, bike paths, skateparks, and bridges.

Computer Science Class

The Computer Science program exposes students to the concepts, languages, and tools to build applications from scratch from a Start-Up business perspective. The students will design a company and product offerings, pitch the products to the Project Management team, and then build the application as promised within budget. Through this process, they see firsthand how to design, build, test, and demonstrate a software application from scratch with their own skills and creativity.

IXL Math Enrichment

Students will have access to IXL, a self-paced Mathematics supplementary program, which will allow them to proceed at their individual pace. In addition, they will be allowed to self-assess. The platform is designed so that it will either remediate areas of deficiency or provide more challenging problems and activities for content where mastery had been achieved.

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