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If students have professionals that look like them, that gives them the self-belief that they too can go into those areas of expertise.

-Dewey F. Brigham, Jr., Ph.D., CABPES President and Executive Director

CABPES serves a population of students that might not otherwise be exposed to science and engineering in a personal way. Because all of the tutors and advisors that teach in CABPES’ programs are former or current professional engineers and scientists our students are able to meet professionals who look like them and who inspire our students to consider STEM careers as possibilities for themselves.

CABPES’ programs focus on critical thinking, real-life, hands-on experiences, math games and bringing fun to mathematics and engineering versus only working problems with a pencil and paper. Experience in CABPES’ programs instill a strong sense of self confidence in our students and a belief that they can give back to their community because they know somebody took the time to do that for them.

CABPES Proudly Offers These Programs:

Junior Engineers Tomorrow’s Scientists (JETS)

Math Enrichment Program (MEP)

SAT/ACT College Preparatory Program

Summer Math Boot Camp Program

Regional Future City Competition