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CABPES Future City 2023 Student Team, Sunny Side City, 2nd Place Winners and Winners of the Best Project Management Award. Team members: Earl White, Yanet Berhane, Salma Sibriye, Marshall Lemiuex, Davante Lacey, Lily Mesfin, Avery Esquibel, Matthew Lemieux, Anthony Dorsey, Dr. Dewey Brigham and Dr. Charlotte Brigham.

Providing Opportunities to Experience STEM Everyday

Future City is one of the nation’s leading engineering education programs and has received national recognition and acclaim for its role in encouraging middle schoolers to develop their interest in STEM fields. CABPES is proud to host and facilitate student team to participate in this competition.

In 2022, The CABPES Student Team, Team Eco Era won 4th place in the regional competition and brought home the Future World Award. Team members: Yusif Gabousch, Darion Doris, Matthew Lemieux, Amarra Doris and Dasan Doris.
In 2021, the CABPES Student Team, New Genesis, participates in a virtual competition due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Team Members: Dasan Doris, Alexandria Horton, Xavier Lawrence, and Matthew Lemieux. (Not pictured: Darion and Amarra Doris)
In 2029 the CABPES Student Team, City on the Moon, won 3rd place in the regional competition and brought home the Elway Transportation Award, the ASCE Civil Engineering Award and the Dream Big Award. Team members: William Mitchell, Ben Yimer, Kori Hill, Zach Yimer, Rahil Shah and Jamil Butler.