Where CABPES is Headed – President’s Letter

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2023 has been a very eventful year for CABPES. Because of our generous supporters, we offered all our programs this year at no cost to students—a record number of students registered for our programs. CABPES pilot Corporate Volunteer Program allowed us to decrease our student-volunteer ratio to 1-3:1 (students to volunteer). The pilot accomplished our goals, so we are continuing the Corporate Volunteer Program for the 2023-2024 program year.         

For the first time in our 41-year history, we had to run our programs in two different locations. In addition, we paid for some of this space. This school year, the goal is to have the programs in one place. Currently, this is space that CABPES must pay for. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” To continue our mission, CABPES needs to move forward in a big way. The move forward is that CABPES is working toward purchasing our own space.

You will hear about the capital campaign we need to purchase this space. Many of you cannot help us with large donations to buy this space. However, we learned from President Barack Obama that small contributions can also fund a campaign. Additionally, the needs of purchasing this space are more than just financial.

CABPES families, this move forward requires help from each of you. Your children have benefited from our math tutoring and the SAT/ACT College Preparatory Program. CABPES Future City students won second place in the regional competition this year. JETS students have learned about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math careers. As a result of the Future City Competition and JETS, students have acquired teamwork, presentation, and speaking skills. Students attended field trips to Google and the Parker Water Treatment Plant. Summer Math Bootcamp students were able to improve their math weaknesses and take part in a field trip to Lincoln Hills. Summer Math Quest students solved over 80,000 problems and practiced 1650 math skills.

CABPES is committed to the continued exposure of the students. However, we must make some changes to get the funding to buy our space! We must document that our math programs are working. This documentation requires students to take diagnostic tests and provide us with math scores and grades that can reflect improvement. SAT students must take the tests given to them to help us document improvement. Students must use their IXL accounts. Funders want data, not just stories. As parents, you must ensure your students have good attendance in the programs they sign up for. We must follow up with former CABPES students. These are ways all our families and parents can help us obtain funding. Bring your students to programs consistently and on time, provide us with information about what your student(s) is doing in school and how they perform.   Tell us about your former CABPES students or families you know previously had students in our programs. Together, CABPES and your student(s) can move forward.


Dewey F. Brigham, Jr., Ph.D.

CABPES President and Executive Director